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The Cyber Safety Force

Security is important but security alone is not enough. We not only want to be secure, we want to feel secure. We want to be cyber safe.

Safety is freedom from risk or harm. It is what you feel when you have security.


Cyber safety ensures that we not only avoid harm to ourselves, but to others as well. It is only by protecting our communities that we can be cyber safe.

We have created the Cyber Safety Force to revolutionise the way businesses manage risk and create a truly safe cyber environment.

Emerging technologies have escalated the diversity and effectiveness of cyber threats, creating ever-increasing risks of breaches and cyber attacks for organisations worldwide. For businesses to combat familiar and emerging risks to their operations, data, and private information, whole sectors need to change the strategies they use to keep their business safe.

Guy Golan

Executive Chairman & CEO


John Richardson


JWR Identity

Wolfgang Selzer

Co-Founder & CEO

myResilience GMBH

Simon Rosemeyer


NexGen Cyber

Greg Sim



Simon Hodgkinson

Strategic Advisor

Performanta (Ex BP CISO)

The Cyber Safety Force Founders

The Cyber Safety Force founders are unified by a singular mission; to move global organisations beyond cybersecurity compliance and toward the principles of cyber safety that work to create truly safe business environments.


With over 100 years of combined cybersecurity experience, our founders are spearheading the transformation in how businesses assess the risks their businesses face and the effective defences they can put in place to protect their businesses and achieve cyber safety.

Cybersecurity needs to move beyond compliance

Moving security beyond the CSO

The near-miss mentality

The importance of contextualising data

Settling for the bare minimum is jeopardising your business’ cyber safety

The difference between compliance and safety

The cyberwar between the East and the West goes through Africa

Promoting safety across your digital supply chain


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Guy Golan, Cyber Safety Force Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO at Performanta:

The way most businesses manage cybersecurity is through compliance and security. This forms the bare minimum when striving for cyber safety. To be cyber safe means to continue your planned business operations in an uninterrupted manner. It is about lowering the risk in a proactive way and limiting the impact when a breach occurs.

To achieve that, we need to dump the ‘security theatre’ and manage cyber risk exactly as we would any other business risk. Transparent, accurate and contextualised information are essential; it starts with the right visibility.

The Cyber Safety Force has been created to empower organisations by introducing principles to reform the way businesses think about cybersecurity. Clear demand for greater risk reduction has enabled us to combine field-leading experts and actionable data to form a new set of best practices.

It’s an exciting time for the Cyber Safety Force as we gain momentum towards sparking true change for businesses – and communities - globally, ushering in a new, impactful method of managing risk and achieving cyber safety.”

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