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About Us

The Cyber Safety Force is a collective of industry leaders united under one mission: make modern cyber security synonymous with safety. All businesses deserve peace of mind that their digital environments are as safe as they can be: the CSF is here to help them achieve that confidence.


We promise is to guide organisations worldwide to operate with maximum digital security, no matter the size, success, or sector.

Our Background

Founded in 2023, the Cyber Safety Force combines 100+ years of field-leading cyber expertise with a shared ambition; to spearhead change through a consortium of thought leaders, education, and a collaborative, data-driven approach to cyber defence. In doing so, we take a proactive stance toward helping companies defend themselves, their employees, and sensitive assets in a way that goes above and beyond to ensure a cyber safe environment for all.


Businesses are experts in their products and services, but not necessarily in defending their operations from an increasingly diverse array of cyber threats. This often leads to large expenditures on defences that do not fully protect the organisation's digital environment. As a force, we focus on helping spread awareness of how true cyber safety can be achieved. 


Our wealth of experience spans all four corners of the industry, including identity security, SIEM solutions, data loss prevention and insider threat. When armed with these insights, organisations can make smarter decisions that work to combat long standing cyber threats and triumph against new and increasingly potent attack methodologies, catalysed by technological innovation.

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